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Many of the cars on the road today are heavily controlled by a built-in computer called the Engine Control Module (ECM or ECU).

It has many responsibilities and works faster and more productively than we can even think and it’s duty is to ensure the correct running of the engine for optimum power and efficiency.

All of the engine component sensors are maintained by this little computer, they give the ECM or ECU all of the data it needs for it to make the engine run efficiently.

These sensors, as with most electrical components, can and do go wrong often, leading to all sorts of complications and frustrations.

When a fault arises, whether it be an unexpected warning light appearing on your dash or the engine’s performance running irregularly, the issue can only be diagnosed using the latest diagnostic equipment. The launch system is a complex software solution that talks to the vehicles computers to discover the fault and help resolve it.

Nowadays, vehicles can sometimes have more than one computer responsible for the operation of the vehicle. Each one responsible for a specific system in the car and they all talk to each other for seamless operation.

This is all very clever but very frustrating when it doesn’t work as it should. We are able to offer the very latest in diagnostic technology, operated by our fully trained technicians.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recognition and Auto-ID available on vehicle systems and modules.
  • Real-time remote telematics diagnosis using GOLO.
  • Quick access to online fault code search and manufacturer possible causes and solutions.
  • Access to the national vehicle maintenance and repair database.
  • Injector Coding.
  • Key Coding.
  • DPF regenerations.
  • Service light rests.
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) release.
  • Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) crash data clear.
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) configurations.
  • Resetting learnt values.
  • Clearing transmission adaptations.
  • Clutch alignments.
  • Clutch re-learning.

…plus much more!

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